Best washing machines in India, Top Five List

Washing machines are a must need equipment for our busy life.People no more have time to wash clothes manually and whats the need if the machine cleans it better than us.There are mainly two classification for washine machine which are

  1. Top loading machines :- This type have the opening at the top and produces limited spin than front loading type but usually costs less.
  2. Front Loading Machines:- This was bit more expensive type in which the clothes are loading through front opening and provides better wash.

The choice of whether to buy top loading or front loading depends upon the budget and your needs.If you are willing to spend a bit more then always go for the front loading this review we covers mainly both of the type and we had only included the fully automatic type.

LG T72CMG22P Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.2 Kg, Cool Grey)

LG T72CMG22P Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.2 Kg, Cool Grey)LG T72CMG22P

LG had a wide variety of home products which really delivers and this one also does the trick.This was fully automatic machine with front loading type and had a large capacity of 6.2 KG means you can wash more cloths at one go.The product had a 2 year warranty and also lg got good customer service as well.This one has several wash programs for several types of fabrics and also can use both hot or cold wash.Other added amazing features are

  • Powerful washing with multi water flow, turbo drum, waterfall circulation and smart filter
  • Digital display, health plus filter, turbo soak, memory backup
  • Delay start, child lock, auto balance system

The added feature like turbo drum will provide great wash efficiency and water control.The product was easy to install but if you need you will get free assistance from LG.Overall a great product that will fulfill your expectation.

Bosch WAX 16161IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 kg, White)

Bosch WAX 16161IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 kg, White)Amazon-button

Bosch is a trusted international manufacturer in home and kitchen appliances.If you are looking for a efficient washing machine then buy Bosch WAX16161IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine. It has 13 wash programs and delay wash timer up to 24 hours. This washing machine has also been enabled with foam detection system and multiple water protection which happen to be some very important attributes about the device.This washing machine has a load sensing function. With the help of a sensor the device checks the load of the clothes in the machine’s drum and automatically keeps adjusting the water and electricity usage giving you a better wash. The washing machine also has a child lock system which makes it safe around children.

3.Bosch WAK24168IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Grey)

Bosch WAK24168IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Grey)Bosch WAK24168IN

Bosch WAK24168IN gives a very quick and efficient washing of clothes with its pre-activated SpeedPerfect. It provides you with the quickest washing among all the modes. It accelerates washing by up to 65percent without compromising the quality of the wash. Proper Washing of Sari and some important features This is a unique feature for the Indian customers of Bosch WAK24168IN. This is a customized setting available in the washing machine wherein a preset function makes sure that a sari is washed in the machine gently without compromising on the quality. This Washing Machine has a reload function that enables the user to load or unload the clothes in between the washing cycle without causing any harm to the machine. Other features The washing machine comes with a feature called WaterPlus which ensures that clothes are washed properly without leaving the detergent residue behind. With its VolaCheck features, this washing machine works well even during voltage fluctuations. It makes the user aware of any change in voltage by blinking. It then adjusts itself to the present voltage and does the washing without doing any damage to itself.

IFB Senator Aqua SX Fully Automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg)

IFB-Senator-Aqua-SXIFB Senator Aqua SX

A front load washing machine that makes good use of a superior Air Bubble Wash System which first creates and then releases agitated air bubbles into the water flow system to deliver a good cleaning job. These bubbles eventually activate detergent particles and lead them to penetrate deep even into hard linen clothing fibres to get rid of stubborn grease and dirt there.Aqua energie system to treat hard water: If an area is supplied hard water, using the IFB Senator Aqua SX washing machine may just prove to be the right remedy for it works by infusing a special Aqua Energie System that treats hard water. The system identifies and changes the bicarbonates in water into crystals.3D wash system: The washing machine makes use of nozzles to circulate the water 360 degrees around the drum.

LG F1496ADP24 Six Motion Direct Drive Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Silver)

LG-F1496ADP24LG F1496ADP24

A durable heavy duty automatic washing machine, it is capable of handling different kinds of laundry in a seamless operation. The machine does not just wash clothes; it has been engineered to withstand high temperatures and also disinfects all parts before giving the clothes a hygienic wash.Noiseless and energy efficient: The LG F1496ADP24 Six Motion Direct Drive Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine, when at work, generates very little vibrations giving the wash cycle a noiseless task. No water wastage: The direct drive systems passes on a smooth flow when speeds change during the washing operation. This seamless operation makes use of only the required amount of water; it helps cut down on extra water usage.

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